Robert J. Jeanfreau, MD

The Center for Wellbeing

Board Certified Internal Medicine  


         We Specialize in Caring About You

               Welcome to our Internal Medicine Practice

                         We appreciate your trust in us!

Robert Jeanfreau, MD and his team are committed to helping you stay healthy with regular office visits, early diagnoses, treatment, education and teachings, clinical studies with cutting edge opportunities, and urgent/emergency appointments.

Our practice is changing. With the addition of Electronic Health Records, a new Research Team,  2 new Nurse Practitioners and ideas for an all-in-one medical practice, our facility will allow for the most consistent healthcare between our patients, our practice, your labs and medications, your care, and your hospital.

Our plan is to see all patients for timely and routine scheduled appointments to obtain lab values as appropriate, for early detection of any health changes, and to monitor all medications.

It is easier to prevent health problems than to treat imbalances or disease once  problems are established.  To create an efficient practice that gives us more time to care for you, we will provide you with a prescription with enough medication refills to last until your next office visit.  We will provide you with a laboratory requisition form to use to obtain your blood tests before the next visit.  Therefore, at the subsequent visit, your lab results will be available to discuss without followup phone calls.

Recently, October 2013, we incorporated a new phone system to better serve your needs.  You are provided with voicemail of our medical staff to leave messages.  All messages should be answered before the end of the business day.

We encourage feedback from you.  Please send all feedback to:


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