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MedPharmics is a clinical research center owned and managed by Robert Jeanfreau, MD. Dr. Jeanfreau has conducted trials for eight years specializing in vaccines and multi-specialty trials.  He has conducted approximately one hundred clinical research trials as a Principal Investigator. During this time, he became Certified as a Principal Investigator through ACRP.  Dr. Jeanfreau has co-authored seven articles in vaccine research which have been published in prominent, peer-reviewed journals.  In addition, he has presented a poster on H5N1 vaccines with GSK at IDWeek in San Diego in October 2012.  Currently, October 2013, he is working with GSK as lead author for a new article on Influenza Vaccines. Dr. Jeanfreau has acted as Medical Monitor for sponsors for flu treatment trials. 

is based upon a consortium of local physicians in a variety of sub-specialties. MedPharmics works with Sub-specialists from the local medical community to conduct clinical trials across a broad range of human disorders.  As a Certified Principal Investigator, Dr. Jeanfreau, oversees and takes full responsibility of all MedPharmics' clinical trials as Principal Investigator, to ensure strict adherence to the protocol, safety to the patient, and to maintain the integrity of the study data.

MedPharmics has created a special clinic to offer free health screenings for subjects that might be interested in clinical trials in the future.  If you would like your vitals obtained such as your: Weight, Height, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate, and/or other test measurements such as your BMI, Glucose & Cholesterol levels, Spirometry, and an ECG, please call us at the MedHealth Clinic at 504-609-2333 to set an appointment.  During your assessment, you can choose a free screen and/or to learn more about clinical trials; how to participate in a trial and what it means to be a medical hero. If you choose, you can enter your name into our study database and receive emails and text messages of our upcoming trials. It is not required that you enter the database to get a free screening.  You will be seen by a Clinical Research Nurse with a question-answer opportunity with a physician.  All of your results will be reviewed before you leave the clinic.  Call us during the clinic hours from
8am -3pm.  If you would like to
leave a message with our Patient Care Center, please call 504-457-2721.  Or simply fill out the form below to make an appointment or to reserve a space at our weekly health lectures.  Refreshments  are served at our weekly lectures.

Blood Testing for Coronary Artery Blockage
We offer a free blood test to determine if you have coronary artery disease actively showing gene expression of the event ,if you qualify. If you are

          Experiencing chest painS
          Shortness of Breath
          Symptoms of Chest Pain or Discomforts
Come to MedPharmics for a blood test.  Within 72 hours, we can tell you if your body is expressing a sign in your blood that might mean you have blockage in your coronary arteries. If you show the signs, we can recommend a cardiologist to consider a stress test and/or angiogram.  If the test does not show possible coronary artery disease, it will alleviate your fears and the physicians can determine other causes of the discomfort.
Blood Testing to Identify the Right Medication for you

You may qualify for a free blood test or you can pay using your insurance to determine from a blood test, if the medications that you are taking are properly metabolized in your body.  By simply performing a blood test, our physicians can determine from your genetic expression, if the medication that you are taking is being metabolized properly.  This simple blood test can direct the physicians to provide you with the right medication based on your genetics.  The right medications can reduce medication side effects and medication failures.  The blood test analyzes those genes and variants that affect metabolism.  The blood test will not only tell the physician that the medication that you are on is not metabolized but will also give a list of medications that would work for your genetic makeup.  Exciting new breakthroughs to keep you healthier!

Please find below a list of our studies.  If you would like more information please call
504-609-2333 for more information:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Congestive Heart Failure
  3. Obesity
  4. Flu Treatment
  5. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  6. Atrial Fibrillation
  7. Cold Sores
  8. C diff Vaccine
  9. C diff Treatment
  10. Diabetes I
  11. Diabetes II
  12. Endometriosis
  13. Yeast Infection Vaccine
  14. Overactive Bladder
  15. Colorectal Cancer Screening
  16. Frozen Shoulder
  17. Sprained Ankle
  18. Dementia 


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